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Over Half of HD Households Have More Than One HDTV

Durham, NH -- February 8, 2013 -- New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that 75% of households in the United States have at least one high definition television (HDTV) set -- up from 23% five years ago. Over the past five years, 52% of US households adopted HDTV.

In addition, 51% of HDTV households have more than one HDTV, compared to 22% five years ago. Overall, about 38% of all US households now have multiple HDTV sets -- up from about 26% of two years ago, and 5% all households five years ago. About 59% of TV sets in HD households are HDTVs.

These findings are based on a survey of 1,252 households throughout the United States, and are part of a new LRG study, HDTV and 3D TV X. This is LRG's tenth annual study related to HDTV.

Other related findings include:

  • 84% with annual household incomes over $50,000 have an HDTV -- compared to 73% with household incomes of $30,000-$50,000, and 56% with household incomes under $30,000
  • Among those getting HD programming from a cable, satellite, or Telco TV provider, the perceived mean number of channels of HD programming is 77 -- up from 63 two years ago, and 29 five years ago
  • About 6% of all US households currently have an HDTV set that is 3D-capable -- 41% of this group do not watch any content in 3D
  • Overall, 47% have seen a 3D TV, or have a 3D-capable TV -- compared to 24% two years ago
  • 22% of all households purchased a new TV set in the past 12 months. The mean reported purchase price was $680 -- about 30% less than five years ago
  • 14% of all households plan to purchase a new TV set in the next 12 months -- compared to 19% last year, and 17% five years ago

"Over the past five years, HDTV has grown from one-quarter of all US households to three-quarters of all households, and many more households now have multiple HDTV sets," said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, Inc. "Today, about 47% of all TV sets in US households are HDTVs, compared to 11% just five years ago."

About Leichtman Research Group, Inc.

Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) specializes in research and analysis on broadband, media and entertainment industries. LRG combines on-going surveys and analysis with years of hands-on industry experience to provide companies with a richer understanding of the potential impact and adoption of new products and services. For more information about LRG, please call (603) 397-5400 or visit www.LeichtmanResearch.com.

HDTV and 3D TV X is based on a telephone survey of 1,252 adults age 18+ (including 100 cell phone calls) from throughout the continental US that was conducted in December, 2012. The random sample of respondents was distributed and weighted to best reflect the demographic and geographic make-up of the US. The overall sample has a statistical margin of error of +/- 2.8%.

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